Project Prep 5/7

S T E P   F I V E :  Brainstorm potential stories that could be told about your collection. Construct 10 unique concept statements. Choose one to move forward.

  1. Less is more... or is it?

  2. "Trash human": not just hip slang

  3. Life and/or trash

  4. "trash": adj. hip slang for useless; noun: a big problem

  5. 2018: people identify as "trash" and produce a lot of it too

  6. You either believe waste is careless or you couldn't care less

  7. Life in plastic, not so fantastic

  8. The big ugly truth about big ugly piles of trash

  9. When your waste weighs more than you

  10. Litter lenses

  11. A brighter way to look at your trash

  12. Here's a gold star for all the trash you've made

  13. Listen up, before you throw even more trash out

  14. Waste is what you do best!