#avmphotoproject | September 2018

This challenge is all about getting back to your roots as an artist. For Ula, the creator of the project, it’s through photography. After much over-thinking on my part, I’ve decided to use it as a way to explore creative mediums. Each month I will be exploring things I’ve been putting off and moving to the end of my to-do lists, while reflecting on the word of the month.


I think a perception I used to have was that I would eventually have time to do everything I want to do. Obviously that’s b.s. — you need to make time for the things that matter to you.

For project one, I created a simple digital collage. I’ve been putting off digital collaging for too long because I LOVE print collages so much and this felt like cheating on the process a little bit.

To see more of the process check out the Instagram highlight.

Find out more about the project from the source, @avibrantmind.