Mental Stretch Quest

Time: Friday, February 2 - 8pm

Place: Glenbow Museum, Calgary


The new Frida Kahlo exhibit stretches through 2 sections of the second floor, displaying a curated selection from her collection of photographs.

Interaction design combines elements of text, visuals, space, time, and behaviour. Museum exhibits are a great example of this in the physical world.

The exhibition used colour to denote hierarchy and flow through the space. Photographs were all framed and hung at eye level, with note cards below with descriptions. The movement through the space was loose but structured, showing the sequence to follow but also allowing people to explore.


I have been wary of attending an event at the Glenbow before due to how popular they are. The launch party event was very crowded, as I expected, but it actually ended up adding to the experience.

Comfort level: 4  2