Curiosity Conversation Stretch Quest

Time: Friday, March 2 - 7pm

Place: Esker Foundation Contemporary Art Gallery, Calgary


Last Friday, the Esker Foundation hosted "Unpleasant Design and its Discontents with Selena Savić". Unpleasant designs are created to control behaviour, but do not address the problem, simply prevents it from happening in a very specific context/place. She focused on four main identifiers of unpleasant design:

  1. it displaces the problem.
  2. it targets a specific group.
  3. it appears where universal accessibility is expected.
  4. it's non-negotiable. 

The online world is still relatively hard to define because of the blurred line between private and public. She talked about silent agents that appear in both public space online and in real life, and the way the rules are controlled in these environments.

It was very interesting to hear her speak about this topic, and due to the controversial nature of this topic, I found it hard to identify whether she was a fan of unpleasant design or against it.

Comfort level: 4  3