Professional Stretch Quest

Time: Monday, March 19 - 5pm

Place: Last Best, Calgary


I met up with Alyssa and Willis of Hawk Design to talk Information Design, life after graduation, and project management. 

It was really interesting to hear about the world of agencies and freelancing, and clients, and digital tools they use in their day-to-day working lives as professionals in the design industry.

Slack, Toggl, Quickbooks, Panda, and Google Drive were notably the most used.

Key learnings:

  1. "You get better at weighing that shit out" (on accepting projects based on time/money/care/purpose)
  2.  "Saying no feels so good"
  3. "Sometimes you're forced to figure out a good, efficient way" (on their content management system)
  4. "Nothing takes less than two hours"
  5. "Lose that invoice guilt"
  6. "It's all about the scope and schedule"

I always forget how great it is to talk to grads and other creatives working in the industry. The perspective is always so valuable, and I think this is something I need to challenge myself to continue.

Comfort level: 4  2