Facilitation Activity: Commuter Journey Maps

This activity was created as part of a focus group experience in my Facilitation class this semester. It is a visual mapping exercise, that opened up the conversation around student commuter touch points.

In the space of about 5 minutes, participants were asked to reflect on their daily commute. Each person was given a 17x11 sheet of paper and markers to illustrate their experiences. The aim was to draw out the details and context around people’s transportation experience on the way to and from school. Here’s what happened:

Draw out your commute, with words and images, and really dig into the details. What mode of transportation are you using? How’s the weather? Are you listening to the radio or a podcast? Is there a red light that you always hit? Thnk about all your senses... what do you see, hear, touch, smell, taste? How fast are you going? Is there a lot of traffic? Are you interacting with anyone? How do you feel halfway to your destination? Try to fill up the paper as much as possible. There’s no wrong way to create this visual map, because it’s all about you and your experience.

The purpose of the focus group was to understand the deeper roots of commuting issues and learn about the reasons why people feel the way they do about speed limits. Our community partner, The City of Calgary’s Liveable Streets division, was interested specifically in what resonates with people emotionally in regards to the topic.

Goals for the focus group:

  1. Collect valuable information for our community partner

  2. Create a welcoming, comfortable, and open space to voice opinions

  3. Encourage active participation and deeper personal reflection