Professional Stretch Quest

Time: Monday, March 19 - 5pm

Place: Last Best, Calgary


I met up with Alyssa and Willis of Hawk Design to talk Information Design, life after graduation, and project management. 

It was really interesting to hear about the world of agencies and freelancing, and clients, and digital tools they use in their day-to-day working lives as professionals in the design industry.

Slack, Toggl, Quickbooks, Panda, and Google Drive were notably the most used.

Key learnings:

  1. "You get better at weighing that shit out" (on accepting projects based on time/money/care/purpose)
  2.  "Saying no feels so good"
  3. "Sometimes you're forced to figure out a good, efficient way" (on their content management system)
  4. "Nothing takes less than two hours"
  5. "Lose that invoice guilt"
  6. "It's all about the scope and schedule"

I always forget how great it is to talk to grads and other creatives working in the industry. The perspective is always so valuable, and I think this is something I need to challenge myself to continue.

Comfort level: 4  2

Curiosity Conversation Stretch Quest

Time: Friday, March 2 - 7pm

Place: Esker Foundation Contemporary Art Gallery, Calgary


Last Friday, the Esker Foundation hosted "Unpleasant Design and its Discontents with Selena Savić". Unpleasant designs are created to control behaviour, but do not address the problem, simply prevents it from happening in a very specific context/place. She focused on four main identifiers of unpleasant design:

  1. it displaces the problem.
  2. it targets a specific group.
  3. it appears where universal accessibility is expected.
  4. it's non-negotiable. 

The online world is still relatively hard to define because of the blurred line between private and public. She talked about silent agents that appear in both public space online and in real life, and the way the rules are controlled in these environments.

It was very interesting to hear her speak about this topic, and due to the controversial nature of this topic, I found it hard to identify whether she was a fan of unpleasant design or against it.

Comfort level: 4  3

Creative Stretch Quest

Time: Wednesday, February 28 - 6pm

Place: Mount Royal University, Calgary


The "Making Fancy Type" workshop was facilitated by Ben Kunz as a part of the Maker Night Series. Through the course of the event we discussed the different elements of type, a brief history, and both analog and digital methods. There was a juxtaposition created between our sketches and experimentation with pen and paper and the sample cards laid out, many created with digital tools.

Comfort level: 3  2

Mental Stretch Quest

Time: Friday, February 2 - 8pm

Place: Glenbow Museum, Calgary


The new Frida Kahlo exhibit stretches through 2 sections of the second floor, displaying a curated selection from her collection of photographs.

Interaction design combines elements of text, visuals, space, time, and behaviour. Museum exhibits are a great example of this in the physical world.

The exhibition used colour to denote hierarchy and flow through the space. Photographs were all framed and hung at eye level, with note cards below with descriptions. The movement through the space was loose but structured, showing the sequence to follow but also allowing people to explore.


I have been wary of attending an event at the Glenbow before due to how popular they are. The launch party event was very crowded, as I expected, but it actually ended up adding to the experience.

Comfort level: 4  2

Physical Stretch Quest

Time: Sunday, January 14 - 10am

Place: Panther Gym, Edmonton

Started the new year strong, by crushing the first of twenty 2018 goals: hit a boxing class (pun intended).

Above are some of the photos I've scrolled by in the past few weeks, posted by @des.iles_, @benalvarez_, and @avibrantmind, accompanying a few Instagram stories.

Above are some of the photos I've scrolled by in the past few weeks, posted by @des.iles_, @benalvarez_, and @avibrantmind, accompanying a few Instagram stories.

For this stretch quest I had no idea what to expect. I walked down the stairs into the gym, ready for a completely new experience. All I knew about the Panther Gym Sunday boxing class before I went, was what I had seen in the digital space of Instagram. The interface allowed for social interaction, photos, and videos. Even though this was far from my comfort zone - it had a feeling of familiar. I had seen photographs and stories from this place over the past few months, so in a way, Instagram had allowed me to visualize this place in my head before physically being there. Seeing it in person allowed me to fill in the true details. 

Comfort level: 5 3