Design Thinking + Doing Workshop

Co-Creation and Facilitation, May 2018

Facilitation, May 2019

I co-created this workshop for the 2018 Explore STEM Conference, on behalf of Mount Royal University’s Information Design program. The event takes place across three post-secondary campuses, and is focused on introducing young women to career possibilities in STEM.

We facilitated the session for two different groups of Grade 9 girls in 90-minute sessions. We started with an introduction to design thinking, human centred design, and their applications, before introducing the following challenge: How might we encourage people to use the stairs instead of the elevator? We led the group through the full design process including inspiration, ideation, and implementation. Each of these phases involved a short presentation about the purpose of and methods used to complete each phase and an activity the participants completed in smaller groups to push their understanding of the problem and potential solutions forward. We concluded short presentations of prototypes developed by the participants and a discussion about how they could further pursue design.

Workshop developed and facilitated by Gabrielle Dickson and Mackenzie Johnson in 2018 and again in 2019 by Mackenzie Johnson, with backup from Emmy Wyatt and Nicole Oviatt. Read more about the event here and here!