Riddell Library and Learning Centre & Blackfoot Language

Research Report and Project Proposal, Fall 2018

For this assignment, our client was Mount Royal University’s Riddell Library and Learning Centre. I was tasked with creating a document that proposed a way to better integrate the use of Blackfoot language within the library space. First, I framed the task as a How Might We statement: “How might we encourage and empower Riddell Library users to engage and interact with the Blackfoot language in a respectful and valuable way?“. After analyzing the audience and purpose of the project, I completed a heavy research phase, finding precedents and case studies, as well as academic literature on adult language learning, spatial design, and bilingual language spaces. Then, I proposed a two-phase design solution, followed by logistical details for the plan.

As you click your way through the proposal document, you can see the 3 steps: research, concept, and strategy.