Cultural Study Sessions

Intercultural Communications, February 2017

This was the first assignment in an Intercultural Communications class, with the purpose of learning about another culture or sub-culture. I was partnered with a classmate and we were instructed to ask questions about one another's chosen culture to find out as much information as possible. I chose to complete an in-depth, in-person interview with my partner. From there, I had to create a "report", in whatever format I thought would be most appropriate. 

I created this 8-page zine to portray the student sub-culture. It includes different elements of culture, both material and non-material, such as clothing, diet, environment, and values. I wrote all of the content within based on the interview I conducted with another student, and decided to keep it general, as opposed to focused on the individual, because I wanted it to be relatable to others who identify with student culture. An image of Rory Gilmore is used on the cover page as an iconic student for the millennial generation. (But let's be real, I finally found a project I could put Rory Gilmore on the cover of, so I ran with it.)