Vivacity YYC: The Pop-Op

Collaboration, Problem-Solving, Visual Identity, November 2016

The Pop-Op was created as a solution to the Vivacity YYC 24-hour Challenge in November 2016. I worked on a team of 7 multidisciplinary students to address “brain drain” and empty office space in the downtown core. Over a 24-hour period we brainstormed, planned, created a proposal, and afterwards presented to a panel of judges.

We began by visiting an empty space in a downtown building and then we were basically let loose to innovate and come up with a solution. We began by brainstorming all of the things we wanted for and from the space. We pivoted many times, eventually coming to a collaborative space for community building. I personally designed the website we used for our presentation, which acted as our 'slideshow', as well as being a website designed for our venture. I also contributed in brainstorming, ideation, development, project management, and branding.

The Pop-Op won Best for Community Involvement at Vivacity YYC 2016.